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4-panel digipak design / photography

This debut album by my friend, the incredible guitarist Kristian Borring, was a true service to the art and a labour of love and friendship. I have a genuine soft spot for Kristian’s music. His gentle, yet highly defined playing and his beautifully intriguing compositions on this recording made me want to be a part of this project.

Kristian Borring "nausicaa"I was always aware , that this would be a low budget endeavour and was born out of the necessity to start the next step of Kristian’s career with an album available to sell at gigs and online, present to promoters and use as an impressive calling card. It’s also an artistic urge to safe-keep your work and document a moment and time in your life.

We did a relaxed photo shoot on a late summer evening in Smithfield, Central London. I tried to capture Kristian in a colourful urban light, giving it a casual look and feel. I wanted to mix the harshness of the city with the soulfulness of his music and personality. London’s often drastic mix of architecture and occasional miniature parks, helped to complete the mix.

The originally planned 6 panel digipak was eventually cut down to 4 panels for cost reasons. But it worked out and the final product was finally released in May 2011.

The digipak:

Kristian Borring "nausicaa" digipak inside

Kristian Borring "nausicaa" digipak outside

the onbody label:

Kristian Borring "nausicaa" onbody label

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