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Responsive email design – who is spoiling the show?

In the last couple of months (in some cases as recent as a few weeks ago), popular web mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and – soon to be expected – Microsoft’s Hotmail replacement Outlook – have released their own free mobile apps to make it even easier for their account holders to access emails […]

One re-occurring drag when working with international musicians on the road is the loss you keep making when converting between currencies. It’s gonna happen at some point when paying the artists their well earned bread: cash needs to be changed into Dollars; wire transfers are costing a furtune; paypal is squeezing your transactions, letting you […]

Krall does have a German ring to it

When I first listened to Diana Krall in February 2001 on a beautiful penthouse balcony in Mumbai, India, I knew I was captured by something special and – more importantly – music that felt more true and unpretentious than anything I have ever heard before. You can tell when an artist is in their element […]

The Germans’ Internet Paranoia

Having watched a few recent TV reports on German public television, I am once more baffled by the extreme webophobia the German population – underpinned by the media – is suffering from. “Super secure mega passwords”, “ultra cookie cleaning tools”, “there are hackers everywhere!”, “beware of Google search, Street View, Facebook, Twitter”, and for Pete’s […]

A big bowl of wrong

Speculative work in the creative world This little video demonstration by TopicSimple about the idiotic concept of working for free in the hope of winning the job. What’s shown here within the design industry however goes for the entire creative sector. Artists, musicians, actors – everyone who potentially auditions something that was briefed by the […]

Yes, we’ll give you cookies!

It’s time to face the music. One year has passed in which the UK allowed website owners to sort out themselves out – without the fear of prosecution – and get the cookification warnings up, or remove cookie driven scripts altogether.