Claire Martin

Collated work and content

2018 South Coast Jazz Festival

Our follow-up and more in-depth web realisation using BRIX and FENIX by JustEvolve and the THB Team is the 2018 South Coast Jazz Festival website, which went live in October 2017.

Claire Martin website

Claire Martin website

Developing the new website for one of world’s leading vocalists, British Jazz singer and recording artist Claire Martin was not just a great honor, but huge fun, too. We used this project to test drive the brand new Evolve Framework, which underpins the FENIX Suite and new Brix Builder, which was only just launched in […]

Vocal Masterclass Documentation

Masterclass Claire Martin & Ian Shaw

In co-operation with Artist Development Agency Well Versed, vocalist Claire Martin OBE and vocalist/pianist Ian Shaw we documented a 1-day vocal masterclass at the 606 Jazz Club, London. Participants were able to pre- or post-order their segment – cut and fully edited – to use for social, demo purposes, or self review.