Joe Locke

Collated work and content

Solo Vibraphone video production

Joe Locke - solo vibraphone

In the summer of 2016 we spent some time in New Jersey, filming a number of solo vibraphone performances with artist Joe Locke. The music was captured with two Canon EOS DSLRs, one of which using a travel jib for smoother 3-dimensional movement. This gave us more visual flexibility that relying on a slider or small […]

Joe Locke email Campaigns

Joe Locke Glasgow (animated gif)

Email design build and broadcast  

Mallets & Nature

It was a celebration of light and music… and mallets. Playing with the organic shapes and colours, our aim was to create a warm and visceral interpretation of Joe Locke’s ‘Love Is A Pendulum’ Suite sheet music release on Here is the result. A piece of social video content that resonates with the season […]

Joe Locke – new generation website

Joe Locke's new generation website

The nature and applications of standalone websites for artists has changed significantly in recent years. Immediacy and integration into a flexible user or fan journey, social interconnectivity and presentation of an artist’s brand are still key elements though. In addition, many members or the press and media divisions are relying on a hub for vital […]

CD Design

nadorks CD design