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Scottish National Jazz Orchestra - album

Another explosive and fast-turn-around design for Spartacus Records. The driving youth branch of the renowned Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, the Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra is our second delivery of the new favourite CD packaging format: the 6 panel digi sleeve.

Effervescence was one of many words (pep, spirit, energy, passionate, charisma, enthusiastic) used in 1913 in the San Fransisco Bulletin to describe the word JAZZ, when it had evolved from JASS, JISM and GISM. The TSYJO has released all CDS beginning with E – Exploration, Emergence. All of them designed by nadworks btw.

Draft designs / alternative versions

The production was again covered by Birnam CD in Scotland, who did a cracking job with a matt finish and precision assembling.

Artist / ClientTommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra
LabelSpartacus Records
PhotographyDerek Clark