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NYJC website

National Youth Jazz Collective

The National Youth Jazz Collective helps and supports young jazz musicians to develop their skills, passion and experience as jazz players. With their annual Summer School and series of monthly sessions in different regional centres around England, we support music education by empowering 8–18 year-olds to learn, improvise, compose, arrange and lead bands.

This amazing initiative is in its 14th year and was desperately in need to see their trailblazing and career-triggering being reflected by a new website. During difficult times for public sector and charity organisations like the NYJC, informing and attracting donors is at the essence.

We tidied up a lot of legacy content, restructured the navigation, re-introduced systematic data capture within a mobile responsive, fun and vibrant UI and produced a number of training videos for site editors.

Artist / ClientNational Youth Jazz Collective