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Ryan Cohan ‘Originations’

The origins of a new album

Composer/arranger Ryan Cohan approached us to help him tell the story or his amazing new recording ‘Originations’ on a dedicated microsite that allows audiences and press to explore the essence of this new work.

Lending from the album art (design by John Bishop / Origin Records), Ryan’s own photography from his first trip to Amman. It created an immediate connection to Jordan and was the inspiration to the music on ‘Originations’.

When I arrived in Amman, Jordan several years ago on the final leg of a multinational tour, I unexpectedly met a part of myself — following performances, exploring the streets, at restaurants, cafes and shops. It was in the people who would invariably come up to me and ask if I was Jordanian. They recognized something in me, and I in them. It was surreal.

In fact, I had landed right in the homeland of my paternal ancestors.

— RC

The microsite we built guides the visitor through that story, but also provides a structure to help reviewers and interviewers to put the music into context, presents the personnel of the album in a prominent way and gives a chance to listen to the music in full.

Artist / ClientRyan Cohan