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Silent Storm
Kristian Borring

On the way to the design of Kristian Borring‘s latest release on the Jellymould Jazz label, I went on a visual journey between the UK and Northern Europe, playing with regional weather phenomenons – in particular the awe inspiring northern lights, silent sun winds, that dance across the illuminated skies near the polar circle.

But “Silent Storm” is also an intrinsically personal album, dedicated to Kristian’s youngest son, and delivered – though not conceived – at times of the British people’s decision to leave the European Union. We quickly realised that we have to add more than just his music to the album and eventually decided to use one of his own photographies. Focussing on the extended and enhanced sky, dramatising the scenery of lighthouse and his young son with a pinch of Caspar-David-Friedrich-esque landscape metaphors of longing and openness, without the nihilistic hopelessness.

Draft ideas

Artist / ClientKristian Borring
LabelJellymould Jazz
FormatCD jewel case design