SNJO 'Beauty & The Beast'

SNJO album design: ‘Beauty & The Beast’ feat. Bill Evans

CD digi sleeve design

In collaboration with Spartacus Records and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra we have started using a new CD packaging format, the 6 panel digi sleeve. It’s quickly become my favourite. Flat, all cardboard, sturdy, no plastic and hence no breaking CD tray pins, lightweight and therefore easy to ship.

SNJO 'Beauty & The Beast' designed by Nadja von Massow

For this release – another great SNJO live recording – we had the pleasure of working with original artwork by guest soloist Bill Evans. This was especially rewarding since Bill allowed the necessary freedom to integrate his painting into the design which also included Colin Robertson’s as ever classy photography.

SNJO 'Beauty & The Beast' designed by Nadja von Massow


The production was again covered by Birnam CD in Scotland, who did a cracking job with a matt finish and precision assembling.