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Solo Vibraphone
Video production

In the summer of 2016 we spent some time in New Jersey, filming a number of solo vibraphone performances with artist Joe Locke. The music was captured with two Canon EOS DSLRs, one of which using a travel jib for smoother 3-dimensional movement. This gave us more visual flexibility that relying on a slider or small dolly. It further allowed us to show off the instrument – Malletech’s ΩmegaVibe – from various perspectives. The performances were filmed in single takes – much like in live concert situations -, which added the need for uninterrupted rolling and angles that crop out the opposite camera.




This is the first of six pieces we produced for this series. “Ruminations” by Joe Locke has been recorded as a Jazz Quartet version. This solo vibraphone treatment is available as fully notated sheet music on the artist’s website.

‘Sword Of Whispers’


Artist / ClientJoe Locke
LocationFranklin Academy, NJ USA