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There have been many tributes to the Glenn Miller legacy and most are content to imbue his music with affectionate nostalgia. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but there is much more to discover about Miller’s wonderfully warm and expressive sound.

Only so much can be attributed to the choice of instrumentation, arrangements, the artistry of the musicians and an understanding of the period. The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra now adds the frequently missing ingredient with its remarkable power to emote.

Miller’s success came after a long wilderness period as he searched for “that sound”. It was a sound that he carried in his head and struggled to express, only to triumph with music that has captivated one generation after another. Many have recreated Miller’s orchestrations, but the SNJO brings his music to life with genuine feeling – the essential component of rich orchestral jazz.

animated gif The Glenn Miller Sound - SNJO
The Glenn Miller Sound - SNJO
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