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Christos Rafalides’ “Echo”

album design It wasn’t the kind of job I’d have an easy ride proofreading at the end – the entire packaging was in Greek. But stylistically I was not bound to any folkloristic constrains. A modern take on Mimis Plessas’ music, arranged by my friend – another talented vibist – Christos Rafalides.

Joe Locke “Force Of Four”

album packaging design Based on the beautiful photography by Alexandros Lambrovassilis (New York), this packing for Origin makes a landmark in Joe Locke‘s work and a special creative project for me. The earthy yellow and brown tones stem from a daytime photo session at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center

TSYJO feat. Joe Locke – “Exploration”

album design – jewel case w/ booklet Sponsored by Shell, Tommy Smith embarked on a little tour of Scotland with his Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra in March 2007. US vibes master Joe Locke joined the band for four concerts and a recording session in Glasgow at the end of it.

“Van Gogh by Numbers”

album design The first ever album we designed – and it happened more out of a favour in a low budget situation, and my eagerness to give it a shot in the first place, and the generous trust of my dear friend Joe Locke to guide me through his own vision of the design for […]