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Wishing upon the star

This album was not on our radar. It was as an imminent release, but the design had never meant to be on our desk. But it came as it sometimes does: a close working relationship with the artist, simultaneous development of ideas and the fear of relinquishing control to an unknown party.


complete album packaging / concept + design When I was first asked to work on the visuals for this new recording, a title had not even been found and as we were discussing a stylistic approach to its presentation, the project’s name evolved in parallel. Repeatedly, the notion of communication, connection, people interacting in life’s […]

“VIA” by Storms/Nocturnes

complete album packaging / concept, photography, design I have been writing in more detail about working on this project beyond the design on both web and print. In fact, creating the artwork for this album was almost the smallest part of the bigger picture – yet an important one. We did want to achieve a […]


4-panel digipak design / photography This debut album by my friend, the incredible guitarist Kristian Borring, was a true service to the art and a labour of love and friendship. I have a genuine soft spot for Kristian’s music. His gentle, yet highly defined playing and his beautifully intriguing compositions on this recording made me […]

Christos Rafalides’ “Echo”

album design It wasn’t the kind of job I’d have an easy ride proofreading at the end – the entire packaging was in Greek. But stylistically I was not bound to any folkloristic constrains. A modern take on Mimis Plessas’ music, arranged by my friend – another talented vibist – Christos Rafalides.