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“Lay Down My Heart” email III

email design / html build / broadcast As the album “Lay Down My Heart” gains popularity – especially with radio DJs, we decided to push products and offer newsletter subscribers and customers some extra deals to raise the profile of the recording and generate peripheral sales.

Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola / Lay Down My Heart

email design / build / broadcast Doubling up as album release alert for the new Motéma CD “Lay Down My Heart“, this email’s main focus is on Joe Locke‘s Group playing another five day stint at the prestigious Dizzy’s Jazz Club at Lincoln Center in NYC. The personalised blast went out to Joe’s 3,500+ newsletter […]

David Liebman with the SNJO

email design / build The great US saxophonist and flautist David Liebman joins the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra for three concerts before the summer break and the Big Band’s tour to the USA and Canada. Liebman, a long time supporter of the SNJO, will finish the season with a “Day & Night” themed programme.

Joe Locke jazzahead 2013 promo

“Lay Down My Heart” email II

email design / html build / broadcast On the eve of the 2013 jazzahead! event in Bremen, Germany, traditionally in late April, we sent out this short announcement about Motéma’s presence at this international trade fair and the availability of Joe Locke’s brand new CD “Lay Down My Heart”.

Whirlwind at JazzAhead! 2013

email design / html build With only a couple of days turnaround, we’re happy to deliver our first digital campaign for Michael Janisch’s Whirlwind Recordings, British-American up and coming Jazz label. Same as nadworks ltd., Whirlwind will be visiting this year’s JazzAhead! in Bremen, Germany.

“Lay Down My Heart” email I

email design / html build / broadcast This is the first email broadcast announcing Joe Locke’s new Motéma release “Lay Down My Heart” which  is being introduced at an exclusive pre-release concert on April 20th 2013 in Rochester NY. As the existing data didn’t quite allow further geo-targeting, the combination of album news and gig […]

Pushing Products

email design / html build / broadcast For the first time we have decided to broadcast a pure sales email to Joe Locke‘s newsletter subscribers. Not the most common approach for a Jazz artist, but the growing success of the Joe Locke Music Store has shown that there’s a desire for fans to purchase music […]

Hair gelled Ellington style

email design / html build Out of all the merchandising, advertisement and marketing assets I created for the new album of The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, this release notification is stylistically the closest to Anmalo’s cover art.

The SNJO Miles Ahead

email design / html build Based on the existing concert merchandising for the “Miles Davis — Miles Ahead and Birth Of The Cool” concert series, we combined this branded gig alert with a heads up message about further concerts of the next few months.

Tim Garland’s Winter Update

email design / html build / broadcast Busy artists should keep their active audiences tuned into events and self-promote upcoming concerts at a time when booking is still possible, but the sense of urgency drives sales better than a 3 months head start. Another benefit is the ability to keep it short.