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“Lay Down My Heart” email I

email design / html build / broadcast This is the first email broadcast announcing Joe Locke’s new Motéma release “Lay Down My Heart” which  is being introduced at an exclusive pre-release concert on April 20th 2013 in Rochester NY. As the existing data didn’t quite allow further geo-targeting, the combination of album news and gig […]

SNJO plays Stan Kenton

multi size poster + flyer design Another season of great concerts by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. The May 2013 gigs will feature the music of Stan Kenton for which we created a simple, slightly retro looking duo tine poster and flyer campaign.

The SNJO Miles Ahead

email design / html build Based on the existing concert merchandising for the “Miles Davis — Miles Ahead and Birth Of The Cool” concert series, we combined this branded gig alert with a heads up message about further concerts of the next few months.

Tim Garland’s Winter Update

email design / html build / broadcast Busy artists should keep their active audiences tuned into events and self-promote upcoming concerts at a time when booking is still possible, but the sense of urgency drives sales better than a 3 months head start. Another benefit is the ability to keep it short.

New Year’s Eve eFlyer gig alert

email design / html build / broadcast another stylish gig alert for Joe Locke who will be playing and partying folks in to the new year at the Kitano in New York City. The Blues & Ballads music he is presenting at his event is giving a taster of his new album, which will be […]

And the Karma goes on

email design / html build Another stretch of dates for Tommy Smith‘s phenomenal Karma  group (feat. Alyn Cosker, Steve Hamilton, Kevin Glasgow) and a multi-channel campaign to promote these UK concerts. Here’s the email, based on our own print assets, heavily featuring the venues and booking details.

PASIC programme ad

Full page magazine ad Mike Balter and Joe Locke commissioned this full page advert for the PASIC 2012 programme magazine. The Percussive Arts Society 2012 Convention in Austin, Texas will feature Joe Locke heavily on three key levels: the companies Mike Balter Mallets, Malletech who Locke endorses, and a headlining concert by The Joe Locke / […]

Blues & Ballads

design / html build / broadcast Another classic gig alert, this time for Joe Locke’s upcoming 2-night engagement at the Kitano in NYC, which is extended by secondary messages: a new release and the recently published “Dear Life” video.

The real Duke Ellington

email design / html build Completing this standard multi-channel campaign for yet another row of Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) gigs was completed by this email blast incl. custom social connectivity and mobile rendering enhancement.

Tim Garland’s autumn 2012 newsletter

email design / html build / broadcast To stay within the established rota, Tim Garland is broadcasting his seasonal newsletter. The challenge to combine a number of different projects – all with dedicated online presences and fan congregations – is once more tackled by splitting the newsletter into accessible segments.