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Tim Garland’s Winter Update

email design / html build / broadcast Busy artists should keep their active audiences tuned into events and self-promote upcoming concerts at a time when booking is still possible, but the sense of urgency drives sales better than a 3 months head start. Another benefit is the ability to keep it short.

Our 2012 review

email newsletter design / build / broadcast / response handling I needed an excuse to test Revaxarts great MyMail plugin, and rather than guineapigging one of our clients’ campaigns, I decided to brag about the cool people I’ve been working with in 2012… and to tell my friends why I have been so useless at […]

Tim Garland’s Winter update

email newsletter design / code / broadcast True to the regular rota, Tim Garland’s update to his subscribers for the winter 2012/2013 season went out just before the height of the Christmas mania on the beautiful date of 12.12.1212. And it could not have gone out without some product flogging, too.

Digital solo vibes

email design / build / broadcast Our recent partnering with SMTP2Go to increase reliability and reporting of our email campaign broadcasts was this week launched with Joe Locke’s latest newsletter featuring his New Pieces for Solo Vibraphone and the official digital release of “Wish Upon A Star“. The straight forward, content rich email was drastically […]

Blues & Ballads

design / html build / broadcast Another classic gig alert, this time for Joe Locke’s upcoming 2-night engagement at the Kitano in NYC, which is extended by secondary messages: a new release and the recently published “Dear Life” video.

Tim Garland’s autumn 2012 newsletter

email design / html build / broadcast To stay within the established rota, Tim Garland is broadcasting his seasonal newsletter. The challenge to combine a number of different projects – all with dedicated online presences and fan congregations – is once more tackled by splitting the newsletter into accessible segments.

Booking The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group

concept, design, copy, build, broadcast, response handling One of the most dynamic and irresistible live bands in Jazz, The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group are coming to Europe with a small window of availabilities. All four artists – band leaders and sought after side men in their own right – are bringing their brand […]

Tim Garland – summer 2012 newsletter

design / build / broadcast British saxophonist and composer Tim Garland stays close to nature – which is also reflected in his organic approach to keeping his crowds up-to-date. A seasonal eNewsletter which very much sticks to the weather is what we prepare for him every few months. Here’s what’s up with him this summer…

Album launch “Signing” email

event related email newsletter To add to the attraction of releasing an album – which is always a good reason to reach out to members and subscribers with a euphoric message – we decided to go one step further and also release the album’s sheet music in parallel – separate, and as part of a […]

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The Joe Locke Quintet at Dizzy’s

design / code / broadcast An immensely exciting band returns to Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, lead by Joe Locke, for their popular annual engagement at this stunning New York City venue. This is another classic eFlyer or concert announcement as primary message – and secondary related album pushes below the fold.