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Joe Locke’s February/March 2012 newsletter

email newsletter – design/build/broadcast 2012 is going to be a busy year for vibist Joe Locke with one, potentially two, new album(s) out on the Motéma label, US dates with his effortlessly original and energetic Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group this summer, incl. the expected promotional activity and press dates.

Joe Locke’s December 2011 newsletter

email campaign This December email campaign for US vibes player Joe Locke was utilising an event announcement – his high profile New Year’s Eve concert at the Kitano in New York – to also promote mid-term projects and generate initial interest in his upcoming release “Signing“, and 2012 concerts with his trio Storms/Nocturnes.

Tim Garland’s Autumn 2011 newsletter

email campaign To kick-off Tim Garland’s October 2011 tour with his all-British trio “Acoustic Triangle” (featuring Gwilym Simcock and Malcolm Creese) it was time for the seasonal email newsletter – design/built/broadcast. For the first time we introduced our standard social sharing header, which will now be featured – upon request – on all of our […]

Tommy Smith, KARMA tour 2011

promo email campaign Every once in a while I am presented with an existing design that immediately lends itself to be translated into a digital format. Tommy Smith‘s 2011 solo release “Karma” was one of those projects.

Tim Garland’s Summer 2011 newsletter

email newsletter – design/build/broadcast A general update for British reed player, composer, arranger etc. Tim Garland for the summer 2011 period. His position at the Royal Norther College of Music in Manchester makes his regular communication with students and fans even more poignant.

Joe Locke News, April 2011

promo email / newsletter The long awaited release of ‘VIA‘, Storms/Nocturnes‘ third album and the first since 2003, with Joe Locke (vibes), Tim Garland (reeds) and Geoffrey Keezer (piano) was released in April 2011 and promoted heavily by each of the three artists. Joe Locke’s newsletter for that month therefore was all about ‘VIA’, loyal […]

Joe Locke, Nov 2010 newsletter

email newsletter / design, code, broadcast a regular eNews shot to all active subscribers of Joe Locke‘s mailing list, featuring a call-to-action about the crowd funding project at Kickstarter in support of the new Storms/Nocturnes recording (which later became the CD ‘VIA‘) and news about concert appearances for the upcoming few months.

Joe Locke, November 2008 newsletter

email campaign within the then regular monthly eNewsletter rota for Joe Locke, the November 2008 edition featured heavily his new release “Force of Four” by the energetic quartet with Robert Rodriguez (piano), Johnathan Blake (drums) and Ricardo Rodriguez (bass). Photography by Alexandros Lambrovassilis.