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Presenting the SNJO’s stunning portfolio

design and print management This was a great opportunity to show the amazing Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in the best possible light: The new brochure, presenting the history of concert series, recordings and high profile collaborations of the last 18 years, was due within 4 days and is to be accompanying the big band’s upcoming […]

David Liebman w/ the SNJO – poster

poster campaign As part of the standard promo campaign package, the David Liebman concert posters were done ahead of the email and programme design and created in four custom sizes incl. flyers shared with the upcoming September viit of Branford Marsalis with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

Stan Kenton concert programme

12pp booklet n line with the visuals we’d created for the poster, flyer and email artwork, this concert programme continues the gentle retro 1960s Long Play style, using graphical lines, a grunge / faded look and dusty colours. Stan Kenton’s work is being celebrated by the Scottish national Jazz Orchestra.

David Liebman with the SNJO

email design / build The great US saxophonist and flautist David Liebman joins the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra for three concerts before the summer break and the Big Band’s tour to the USA and Canada. Liebman, a long time supporter of the SNJO, will finish the season with a “Day & Night” themed programme.

Holding the SNJO… digitally

website design / build-adoption / hosting While the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra is going through a public grant application for a re-design and build of their website and digital positioning, we have been asked to design and host a temporary holding page to keep the most vital information about this award winning Orchestra accessible.

SNJO plays Stan Kenton

multi size poster + flyer design Another season of great concerts by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. The May 2013 gigs will feature the music of Stan Kenton for which we created a simple, slightly retro looking duo tine poster and flyer campaign.

Hair gelled Ellington style

email design / html build Out of all the merchandising, advertisement and marketing assets I created for the new album of The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, this release notification is stylistically the closest to Anmalo’s cover art.