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Tim Garland

Tim Garland’s Winter Update

email design / html build / broadcast Busy artists should keep their active audiences tuned into events and self-promote upcoming concerts at a time when booking is still possible, but the sense of urgency drives sales better than a 3 months head start. Another benefit is the ability to keep it short.

Tim Garland’s Winter update

email newsletter design / code / broadcast True to the regular rota, Tim Garland’s update to his subscribers for the winter 2012/2013 season went out just before the height of the Christmas mania on the beautiful date of 12.12.1212. And it could not have gone out without some product flogging, too.

Tim Garland’s autumn 2012 newsletter

email design / html build / broadcast To stay within the established rota, Tim Garland is broadcasting his seasonal newsletter. The challenge to combine a number of different projects – all with dedicated online presences and fan congregations – is once more tackled by splitting the newsletter into accessible segments.


interview footage / video editing A unique project lead by Tim Garland and Neil Percy (Principal Percussionist of the London Symphony Orchestra and Head of Timpani and Percussion at the Royal Academy of Music), which was conceived way back in 2007 as a nonet of Jazz and classical musicians, found its second edition in November […]

Tim Garland – summer 2012 newsletter

design / build / broadcast British saxophonist and composer Tim Garland stays close to nature – which is also reflected in his organic approach to keeping his crowds up-to-date. A seasonal eNewsletter which very much sticks to the weather is what we prepare for him every few months. Here’s what’s up with him this summer…

Storms/Nocturnes back in London

video – filming, editing to announce the upcoming concert of Geoffrey Keezer, Joe Locke and Tim Garland (Storms/Nocturnes) at the Purcell Room in London we thought we put a little video teaser together dedicated to the event. The footage was taken from recent tour footage – live concerts and rehearsals, teamed with type and album […]

Tim Garland’s Autumn 2011 newsletter

email campaign To kick-off Tim Garland’s October 2011 tour with his all-British trio “Acoustic Triangle” (featuring Gwilym Simcock and Malcolm Creese) it was time for the seasonal email newsletter – design/built/broadcast. For the first time we introduced our standard social sharing header, which will now be featured – upon request – on all of our […]

Tim Garland’s Summer 2011 newsletter

email newsletter – design/build/broadcast A general update for British reed player, composer, arranger etc. Tim Garland for the summer 2011 period. His position at the Royal Norther College of Music in Manchester makes his regular communication with students and fans even more poignant.

“VIA” by Storms/Nocturnes

complete album packaging / concept, photography, design I have been writing in more detail about working on this project beyond the design on both web and print. In fact, creating the artwork for this album was almost the smallest part of the bigger picture – yet an important one. We did want to achieve a […]

Storms/Nocturnes – official website

band microsite While all three artists of this intriguing chamber Jazz trio – Tim Garland, Geoffrey Keezer, Joe Locke – have their own individual artist websites, it has proved to be a valuable tool for promoting their collective project Storms/Nocturnes to guide and aide promoters and venues who are booking this particular band. It also […]

Tim Garland – “gig alert”

email design, code, broadcast Tim Garland – as most of the artists we work with – has no problem filling UK venues with his various projects. Therefore our occasional eflyers and gig alerts tend to simply show the venue or promoter, that the artist is supporting any existing digital marketing activity and spreads the word […]