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Pianist/drummer Gary Husband is back on the web

website design / development / hosting

It was a very particular challenge to get Gary Husband’s new website on its way, because for the first time we couldn’t replace anything existing. So, time wasn’t on our side.

Gary is a stunningly versatile artist. A true multi-instrumentalist who deserves a website that reflects his visions, vast body of work and wide spectrum of fans across genres and continents. Rather than going wild with the design, Gary was very clear that he needed something stylish and simple, with an emphasis on content and usability.

Gary Husband's official website
Gary Husband's official website

The current version is what we decided to go live with as part of a soft launch, to start communicating with fans and press again. It’s a work in progress, which will be further developed in the months running up to Gary’s upcoming album release in autumn/winter 2010.

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