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Storms/Nocturnes – official website

band microsite

While all three artists of this intriguing chamber Jazz trio – Tim Garland, Geoffrey Keezer, Joe Locke – have their own individual artist websites, it has proved to be a valuable tool for promoting their collective project Storms/Nocturnes to guide and aide promoters and venues who are booking this particular band. It also provides a useful platform to present the  trio’s releases – in particular the most recent album ‘VIA‘.

Storms/Nocturnes - official website
Storms/Nocturnes - the official website

official release note

Supporting their long awaited third album, “VIA” – which will be released on Origin Records in April 2011 – the Storms/Nocturnes Trio now have a dedicated website to promote a steaming amount of activity in 2011 and beyond. Joe Locke, Tim Garland and Geoffrey Keezer have finally found time in the busy schedules to reunite after seven years and perform and record new music. The purity of their sound has now been further enriched by a mature warmth and the selfassurance of three instrumental masters on the very top of their game, who know exactly where they come from, and who are still excited about where their music will take them.


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