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video teaser: Joe Locke is coming to Japan

video editing Very short teaser video – a message by US vibes player Joe Locke ahead of his October 2014 tour dates in Japan.

Jaimeo Brown’s Transcendence LIVE

GoPro Hero3+ footage / editing Our first indoors/concert footage with GoPro Hero3+ was pre edited in GoPro Studio and then optimised and fine tuned in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. The fabulous Jaimeo Brown live at the Jazz Café in Camden (London) was more than the perfect test case…

Joe Locke Group in Tbilisi

Another successful European tour with vibes player Joe Locke and his Group feat. vocalist Kenny Washington, which included a 2 day excursion to Tbilisi, Georgia.

Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group gig teaser

video editing / animation To help promote the Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Groups concerts at the NYC Jazz Standard in December 2013, we created a short video teaser, using existing band footage, and customised the message towards venue and date.

Joe Locke Group video capture

stream capture / video edit This was first for a promotional output: we captured a high quality live stream with a standard screen capture tool on a 100MBit connection, cleaned up the inconsistent frame rate via multiple format conversions and a bit of manual audio syncing, then edited the full length concert into individual tracks […]

Drawing a hot city

video animation “City Sizzle” Inspired by a recent heat wave in London and the hot, energetic, fun atmosphere of Joe Locke’s “Pharoah Joy” from his 2009 release ‘Mutual Admiration Society 2’ (Sharp Nine, 2009), I started playing around with a newly discovered drawing app for iPad, which lets you capture the creative process. Here’s the first […]

Neil Percy / Joe Locke duet

The 2013 ‘An Evening with Joe Locke’ concert at the Royal Academy of Music presented the rare opportunity for two of our artists, vibraphonist Joe Locke and RAM Head of the Timpani & Percussion department Neil Percy to perform a vibes/marimba duo piece – Locke’s “Sword Of Whispers”.

The Joe Locke Group, feat. vocalist Kenny Washington

representation / management / creative consulting Vibes artist Joe Locke and his Group, featuring vocalist Kenny Washington live at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (Summer 2013) — here with music from the new album “Lay Down My Heart – Blues & Ballads Vol. 1” — is arguably one of the most exciting and captivating live performers on […]

“Lay Down My Heart” video EPK

The studio footage of this latest Joe Locke release on the Motéma Label came from NY videographer Thomas Piper Jr. But it was the excellent photography by Joseph Boggess that inspired to the lightness and blueish depth of the album art and subsequently translated into our video editing. This 4 minute clip allows insight into […]

“This New October” late in the month

concert video footage / editing Based on my own single-camera video footage of Joe Locke‘s recent concert with Tommy Smith (feat. Alyn Cosker, Steve Hamilton and Mario Caribé) at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow, I felt obliged to experiment with overlaid pans and zooms to fake a multi can setup.