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nadworks ecrm agency
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Highly bespoke and 100% tailored to the individual artist, label or music professional, addressing their specific needs, growth potential and marketing opportunities

No musician is as comfortable with the same approach to self-promotion and representation as the next. We, therefore, avoid recipes and blueprints. Instead, we collaboratively explore gaps in specific areas of Audience Relationship Management (ARM) that are within reach and would benefit from improvement. Wherever possible we seek to work in partnership with existing stakeholders – record labels, publicists, management, agents – to strategically deliver towards agreed objectives.

graphic design

Album Packaging

Poster Campaigns

Handouts and Flyers

Concert Programmes


Audience Relationship Management

Strategic Consulting

Database Platforms

Marketing Planning

Social Media Presence


Website Design

Email Design

Social Media Campaigns

Digital Marketing Assets

Agile Video Production

Tour Support

Agent Liaisons
Tour Books
Road Management
Venue Liaisons and Advancing

Please note that we do not offer booking agency services