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nadworks ecrm agency
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Audience Relationship Management

Connect and grow

Individualised digital channel campaigns in combination with our powerful nadworksE email platform help artists, labels, promoters and venues grow their audience base, maximise the value compliant data lists, increase conversions and improve the experience that makes inspired fans repeatedly come back to your music.

Please contact us to discuss available service levels.

nadworks email platform

Planning and Mapping

Creating the ideal journey

We integrate an artist branded data capture experience into your existing website or setup standalone signup pages which can be pulled into social media campaigns and be directed to from within conventional email footers.

Unique pieces of communication

Design & Build

We design gorgeous mobile responsive emails that convert and stand out in your audience’s inbox — built to latest rendering standards. No boring Mailchimp templates, no more-of-the-same layouts.

Fully integrated

From tangible to digital

We cover the entire spectrum of creative artist support and connect all the dots to present one seamless visual story. Our website design & build projects inform the email campaign, which takes a lead from the new album looks & feel which we developed after directing the photoshoot, finishing all off with original video editing and accompanying the launch with social media assets and targeted ad campaigns.