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Presenting the SNJO’s stunning portfolio

design and print management This was a great opportunity to show the amazing Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in the best possible light: The new brochure, presenting the history of concert series, recordings and high profile collaborations of the last 18 years, was due within 4 days and is to be accompanying the big band’s upcoming […]

Stan Kenton concert programme

12pp booklet n line with the visuals we’d created for the poster, flyer and email artwork, this concert programme continues the gentle retro 1960s Long Play style, using graphical lines, a grunge / faded look and dusty colours. Stan Kenton’s work is being celebrated by the Scottish national Jazz Orchestra.

Christos Rafalides’ “Echo”

album design It wasn’t the kind of job I’d have an easy ride proofreading at the end – the entire packaging was in Greek. But stylistically I was not bound to any folkloristic constrains. A modern take on Mimis Plessas’ music, arranged by my friend – another talented vibist – Christos Rafalides.

TSYJO feat. Joe Locke – “Exploration”

album design – jewel case w/ booklet Sponsored by Shell, Tommy Smith embarked on a little tour of Scotland with his Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra in March 2007. US vibes master Joe Locke joined the band for four concerts and a recording session in Glasgow at the end of it.