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The gender balance: it’s time ad agencies moved on

depiction of women in advertising campaigns

Let’s begin with a simple definition. Sex: this is something that’s biologically determined. Gender: this is most certainly not biological, but rather a social construct. With these two definitions clarified, we can begin to analyse how women are represented in advertising and moreover, how they are advertised to.

Our 2012 review

email newsletter design / build / broadcast / response handling I needed an excuse to test Revaxarts great MyMail plugin, and rather than guineapigging one of our clients’ campaigns, I decided to brag about the cool people I’ve been working with in 2012… and to tell my friends why I have been so useless at […]

Krall does have a German ring to it

When I first listened to Diana Krall in February 2001 on a beautiful penthouse balcony in Mumbai, India, I knew I was captured by something special and – more importantly – music that felt more true and unpretentious than anything I have ever heard before. You can tell when an artist is in their element […]