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Krall does have a German ring to it

When I first listened to Diana Krall in February 2001 on a beautiful penthouse balcony in Mumbai, India, I knew I was captured by something special and – more importantly – music that felt more true and unpretentious than anything I have ever heard before. You can tell when an artist is in their element […]

Pianist/drummer Gary Husband is back on the web

website design / development / hosting It was a very particular challenge to get Gary Husband’s new website on its way, because for the first time we couldn’t replace anything existing. So, time wasn’t on our side. Gary is a stunningly versatile artist. A true multi-instrumentalist who deserves a website that reflects his visions, vast […]


album design + illustration When Geoffrey Keezer asked me to take care of the graphic design for his first ArtistShare project, I was immediately on board. Not just because I love his music and enjoy working with him. But because one of the tracks would be a re-arranged version of one of my all time […]

Mike Lindup’s official website

WordPress powered website – design and build I have been a big fan of pianist, vocalist, composer Mike Lindup since the mid eighties when I got hooked on Level 42. While the band is still going strong and has recently played to sell out crowds on their 30 year anniversary world tour, Mike himself has […]