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New Waves: Antonio Carlos Jobim / Fats Waller
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra - concert promotion

Antonio Carlos Jobim was the foremost composer of authentic Brazilian bossa nova and sambaderived, popular jazz music. His crossover projects with Frank Sinatra and Stan Getz made him a household name, and boosted the eclectic credentials of his more famous American collaborators. Jazz musicians have long been influenced by Getz, Jobim and their cohort. Few are better placed than Smith to articulate the aspirational and escapist nature of this cool, soft, sinuous and sensual music.

Jazz pianist Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller has been immortalised in print, on record, on screen and even as an animated cartoon. His status as an influential, game-changing composer and instrumentalist will be lovingly restored as the SNJO visits Fats Waller’s popular repertoire. Moreover, few pianists are more qualified to bring fresh interpretations to Waller’s challenging innovations than Scotland’s Brian Kellock.

Artist / ClientSNJO
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