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SNJO print promo: Celebrating Michael Brecker

poster + flyer artwork

The death of Michael Brecker in early 2007 moved me very much. A few years before, Diana Krall had introduced me to his music and the depth and warmth of his playing had become a frequent sound around my Jazz craving ears. Michael Brecker celebration with the SNJOHis desperate battle with cancer and subsequent passing were made even more meaningful and painfully real as a number of my close friends had been personal friends and admirers of Mike and therefore felt an even more significant loss.

Tommy Smith wrote in a little message on his website shortly after Michael’s death “He was one of the most humble human beings I’d ever met, and after that encounter I followed each note of his career with joy and amazement.”

The SNJO are putting on a four-date tour in May 2012 in honour of Michael Bracker, which will feature his amazing brother, trumpeter Randy Brecker as special guest. All I can say is that I was very happy to have been asked to work on the design for this concert series by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.


The posters were individually optimised for A4 up to A0 formats

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra celebrates Michael Brecker (poster)


double page DL flyer

Michael Brecker Tribute by the SNJO with Randy Brecker



One comment on “SNJO print promo: Celebrating Michael Brecker”

  1. Michael Brecker was a wonderful tenor sax player, I loved his sound and his melodic skills and I miss him dearly, I have most of his albums. I saw him in concert in Toronto with Roy Hargrove and Miles pianist
    Herbie Hancock and they were remembering Miles. Stan Getz in 91, and now I have to remember Michael,
    it brings tears to my eyes and I weep sadly but with great affection. Before Michael I had noticed Randy,
    a trumpeter with passion, he put me on to his younger brother Michael… Randy is great
    I shall be listening to SNJO and Tommy Smith

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