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Solo Vibes: no improvisation required

A6 promo postcard

Here’s the first non album product promotion we’ve done for vibes player and composer Joe Locke. It’s a year of firsts for him as November will see the digital release of his Six Pieces for Solo Vibraphone compilation – a series of through-composed and fully notated compositions for non-improvisors in form of downloadable sheet music.

The A6 postcard/flyer design is being kept simple, based on the dual tones of original photography and web store branding. This also supports the association with the black and white nature of sheet music, and the beauty and clarity of the compositions themselves. Within the copy, we focussed on the key message chosing just four short words: a call to action, the artist’s surname as the aspirational statement, and the “what” to emphasise the products’ core feature: PLAY LOCKE SOLO VIBES.

Joe Locke - Solo Vibes

The initial campaign distribution is going to take place at this year’s PASIC in Austin, Texas. Further promotional activity is planned for later in the year once all audio has been produced and has been added to the digital packages.

Production was outsourced to Green Printer in the USA, digitally processed and printed on 300gsm, uncoated, 100% recycled stock for direct delivery to the venue.

Joe Locke - Solo Vibes (postcard)


Joe Locke - Solo Vibes postcard

The sheet music had already been pre-released to students of the Royal Academy of Music (London), The Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester) and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow).

All charts, accompanied by especially recorded audio files, will be available exclusively in Joe Locke’s Online Music Sore.




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