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In The Spirit Of Duke

album packaging design

based on a great piece of original artwork by Anmalo for the cover, this extended digipak (incl. slip case and booklet) completed the circle for me after having been involved in the concerts’ print and digital advertisement last year for the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra - In the Spirit Of Duke

It’s always a challenge to bring together organic art with the potential harshness of photography. In an attempt to stay true to the texture of the Anmalo’s painting, and the era of the music, I decided to suck most of the glaringly bright colours an vibrancy out of the photos and instead introduce contrast, and aged noise and grunge effect. To connect the design with the cover, I focussed almost exclusively on the colour tones of the cover art (with the exception of the blue), using dark pink, red, black and a golden beige.

Orchestra director Tommy Smith designed the concert series close to the original Ellington experience. Tuxed up musicians, no sheet music for the soloists, short and plentiful tunes. The album, another Spartacus Records release due for March 1st, needed to honour this vibe in its design. That was my ambition.

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