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The Two of Them

4-panel digipak

A pleasant revisit of a 2008 package design we did for Christos Rafalides’ newly formed label Emarel Music was this one: “We Two”. An exciting collaboration between famous veteran Greek musician Mimis Plessas and the phenomenal vibes player and dear friend Christos Rafalides – a Greek in New York.

Christos Rafalides "We Two"The music is as intriguing as its simplistic beauty and clever arrangements. And while our original was part of a special editing 2-CD package for the Greek market, this easy 4-panel digipak + iTunes booklet was kept in English, which helped hugely with the proof reading.

Not for the first time have we been able to work with the fantastic photographer Alexandros Lambrovassilis, who also lives in New York and has been involved in previous projects with both Chrostos Rafalides and Joe Locke.

Around the same time as first designing “We Two”, I had already worked on the debut release on Emarel, “Echo“, which had landed on my desk straight after having developed the Emarel brand assets. It subsequently became the visual reference for “We Two”.

Christos Rafalides "We Two"

Christos Rafalides "We Two"


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