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Emarel re-branding

brand re-development

The 2008 founded record label “Emarel Music” by New York vibist Christos Rafalides was due for a slight revamp, based on our original design. We focussed on simplicity, iconification and clear, crisp colour definitions.

emarel music logo by nadworks


The idea behind emarel is a sonor abreviation of M.R.L. — Music Rhythm Lyrics. We tried to separate the syllables by use of colour, without breaking out of the overall identity tone. “Emarel” should also be avle to exist on its own, without the “music” attachment. Therefore the typeface changes drastically in colour and weight.

The strapline is a new addition to the 2012 version of the logo to underline the origin of the name, but admittedly also because those three words have an interesting visual quality about them.


emarel music icons    emarel music icons   emarel music icons   emarel music icons

emarel brand collateral

The new brand was then introduced in the re-release of Christos Rafalides album “We Two“.

emarel logo on "We Two"


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