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Custom Animated Alerts

The GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is back, and with it its animated wonders and intriguing retro charm. Since Facebook and Twitter have accepted the use of animated gifs in their social feeds and opened up auto-play for those fast looping treats. The nature of this new generation of animated GIFs spans from sweet, artful and clever to disturbing, rude and hilarious.

Chat apps such as Skype and FB Messenger have since taken it upon themselves to push trending GIFs as part of their emoticon/emoji selection. It won’t be long until brands hijack the seemingly anarchist world of fun, animated images, tapping into their popularity and quirky eye-catching character to sell… well, they have started already.

Joe Locke animated header

Get noticed on social media and give (gif?) your promotional emails that extra umph with a low impact animation that hits the message home.

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