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Joe Locke, David Hazeltine ‘MAS2’

album design + photography

For starters, it was a very good experience collaborating with Sharp Nine, the label run by Marc Edelman. Marc wanted to release a 10 year reunion album of the 1999 recording “Mutual Admiration Society” with Joe Locke (vibes) and David Hazeltine (piano), supported by a great rhythm section: Billy Drummond (drums) and Essiet Essiet (bass). Joe Locke, David Hazeltine "Mutual Admiratiin Society 2"My continuously fruitful work with Joe a long overdue visit to New York and the fact that I was dead keen to take care of photography, too, made this an all round package in terms of visual presentation.

Joe and David are musical friends who are brought together by enormous virtuosity and an mutual understanding of the material they tackle. I had the privilege of joining them during the recording session at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The experience only added to my huge respect for hard working recording artists.

The photo shoot took place during a particularly cold stretch of days in January 2009 around Penn Station. The concept of catching Joe and David in an almost private moment of casual conversation from across the road was translated best by the shot we eventually used as the cover. The key colours black, blue and yellow came automatically as a logical consequence once the photography was chosen and optimised.

“Mutual Admiration Society 2” was released in June 2009.

jewel case insert 6-panel booklet:

Joe Locke, David Hazeltine "Mutual Admiration Society 2"

Joe Locke 'MAS2'



traycard inside/outside, onbody CD label:

"Mutual Admiration Society 2" was released in June 2009. "Mutual Admiration Society 2" was released in June 2009.

"Mutual Admiration Society 2" was released in June 2009.






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