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album design + illustration

When Geoffrey Keezer asked me to take care of the graphic design for his first ArtistShare project, I was immediately on board. Not just because I love his music and enjoy working with him. But because one of the tracks would be a re-arranged version of one of my all time favourite tunes ever, “Falling Up”, which Geoffrey originally composed and recorded on his 2004 album by the same name (“Falling Up” MaxJazz Records, 2004).

'Aurea' by Geoffrey Keezerfrom Jazz Suite 101

Gathering Musicians From The US And Around The World.
For the recording Keezer invited Peruvian percussion master Hugo Alcazar to join him. He had met Hugo while on tour and was very impressed with his musicianship. Essiet Okon Essiet, a Nigerian born bassist residing in New York was also invited along with a couple of master sax men with bright futures – Steve Wilson and Ron Blake.

Guitarist Mike Moreno and Peter Sprague share guitar duties. Jon Wikan plays drums and other percussive instrument on many songs. To round things out vocally he again tapped the South American continent and added Argentinean Singer Sofi Rei Koutsovitis.

Read more at Suite101: Geoffrey Keezer Aurea gets South American Hue.: Keezer’s Aurea combines Jazz and his love of Afro Peruvian music.


Inline with the album artwork, we also designed Geoffrey’s ArtistShare project icons.

 The digipak


'Aurea' by Geoffrey Keezer - digipak 01

'Aurea' by Geoffrey Keezer - digipak 02

Geoffrey Keezer's 'Aurea' - CD label

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